Sunday, March 5, 2017

LOGAN: A fitting farewell to the Wolverine


Wolverine (the character) is about rage, fury and animalistic violence. But Logan is not. 
And as the name suggests he is more civil,  than the wolf who dwells in him.

Remember, that angry young man in your family - mostly an uncle who scared the daylights out of your childhood merry-making. Today he has mellowed down. Nowhere near his prime. Age is catching up and he seems disinterested in what would have once enraged him. But, then one day he flies into a fit of rage. And, that one occasional roar sends a shiver down your spine..... 

Well that is Wolverine turned Logan for you. 

 By 2029 - before the advent of the Mad Max to be precise - Logan (Wolverine's civil name) is all but mellowed down.

Logan doesn't have the rage of Wolverine; he doesn't heal like Wolverine; he doesn't look like Wolverine; and hell he doesn't fight like Wolverine. Rather he refuses to fight 'brutally' like Wolverine.

He still fights... But tries not to claw his way. Its more about brute strength. 

We see in Logan a man increasingly trying to adjust to a dystopic world - one that he has seen change; suppressing anger and looking forward to a peaceful end.

His super-powers are like slow poison now. "Logan, you still have time." Is an oft repeated sentence in the story. But does he really have time? 

We see the human side of Logan as he cares for Prof X and how he subconsciously wants a settled down to a family life.

In walks a young girl - full of rage and with super-powers similar to Wolverine. Something which Logan was many moons ago.

An unusual bonding happens. A sort of family relationship develops between the Prof, Logan and this girl,Laura.

But, then Logan at end of it all is Wolverine. Although a very ageing one. 

He and his type will not be left alone in a world that is shrinking to provide space to anything different. So he must rise to help others of his type. Help them reach the proverbial Eden.

Let's be fair. 

'Logan' as a movie is violent and subtly humane at the same time. 

There are moments that make you smile; moments that make you cringe at the bloodshed; and moments when you see your heart racing at re-birth of Wolverine. 

And yes, Australian actor, Hugh Jackman gives the Canadian-born Logan / Wolverine the send-off he deserves.

After all it is his career-defining role. A character he has made his own.

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